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Our Opticians

Opticians in West Lebanon, NH

ABOWorking with an experienced, knowledgeable optician is essential to choosing great eyewear. At North Country Eye Care, our opticians are ABO certified, which means that they have passed a test in opticianry and received National certification. With their extensive knowledge and high level of professional experience,  they are highly qualified to help you choose the right frames and lenses for your needs.  Our opticians are members of the NH Opticians Society, please visit their site to see what the NH Opticians are doing to help those in our communities see their best.




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Optician ABO-AC
Scott has worked in the optical field for over 25 years and brings his knowledge of optics to the region. As an ABO Advanced Certified Optician who teaches Opticianry, he brings the kind of knowledge and skills to help patients with even the most difficult prescriptions.  Please stop by our...

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