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Sensity Lenses

Step into the light with Sensity lenses

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North Country Eye Care has partnered with Hoya to provide our patients with the newest photochromic lenses (Sensity) to give our patients a better more comfortable experience with their eyewear. Many patients associate these lenses with Transition, which is the best know of the lenses that change with UV (sunlight). Sensity lenses are the next generation of technology that allows the lens to appear lighter indoors, get darker outdoors and unlike older generation lenses, change slightly behind your car windshield.

These light adapting lenses provide UV and blue light filtering, helping to reduce the damaging effects on our vision and eye health. If you are light sensitive and/or have contrast issues, ask one of our opticians how photochromic lenses can help. It is important to remember that Sensity lenses are a wonderful addition to your everyday eyeglasses, but they do not replace the need for good sunglasses.