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As you prepare your kids for school, don’t forget to schedule an eye exam.

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The smell of fresh pencils, new backpacks, and crisp notebooks - it’s back to school time! Summer’s behind us and a brand-new school year brings lots of possibilities for learning and discovery. As you prepare your kids for school, don’t forget to schedule an eye exam.

Dr. Richard Stegen sees young patients from all over West Lebanon, New Hampshire and can give your kids the back to school eye care they need.

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Eye Exams for Preschoolers

Your youngest kids need extra-special care and attention. These little ones grow so quickly in the early childhood years, physically, socially, and educationally. They absorb information so rapidly that they’re often called ‘little sponges’.

A preschooler’s vision also advances quickly. At this age, they’re developing the fine motor skills that they need in order to hold pencils or books correctly. Visual perception skills also grow during these years, giving young children the abilities they need for reading, writing, drawing, and using computers.

That’s why it’s so important that they have eye exams before going back to school. The eye doctor will examine their eyes and visual skills. Should there be any issues or the beginnings of any eye conditions, the doctor will diagnose it and determine a course of treatment. The sooner this is found, the sooner we can help your kids maximize their vision and help ensure a great school year.

Glasses and Contacts for Kids

Do your kids wear glasses or contact lenses? Have their prescription checked before they go back to school. A lot can change over just a few months’ time, so their degree of refractive error may have gone up since their last checkup. Give them the tools to make sure they begin the new school year with great vision, and if needed, a great new pair of glasses or contacts.

Schedule a back to school eye exam today. Let us help your kids start the new school year off right.

Eye Exams for Teens

Adolescence brings with it many challenges and changes. No longer little kids, your teens are growing up before your very eyes, discovering who they are and making important life decisions.

At this stage, their vision is usually pretty stable. For this reason, it’s easy for parents and teachers to miss the signs of vision problems, especially when they may not be on the lookout for them. So schedule an eye exam for your teen before they go back to school.

Dr. Richard Stegen will check their visual acuity, eye teaming (both eyes working together), color vision, and peripheral (side) vision, among others. If your kids are having a tough time in school, talk to your eye doctor. Because vision has a big impact on learning, their struggles may not necessarily be an educational issue; they could be vision-related.

Screen Time and Kids' Vision

We all know the dangers of excessive computer use in today’s digital age. Nearly 25% of children spend more than 3 hours a day on digital devices and these numbers are rising. This can disrupt their sleep, cause headaches, and result in a stiff neck and shoulders, to name a few symptoms.

Did you know that the blue light from digital devices can also harm their eyes? Studies show that long-term exposure to blue light can damage the retina, especially in kids whose eyes are more sensitive to environmental influences. Since computer use is a regular part of a child’s homework and after-school activities, it’s a good idea to have them visit their eye doctor regularly.

If your children spend a lot of time on computers, smartphones, tablets, and gaming devices, schedule an eye exam with Dr. Richard Stegen. The doctor will monitor your child’s vision as the school year progresses and will check for any changes to their vision.

Teen posing for first day of school
College student wearing eyeglasses, in library

Eye Exams for College Kids

They’re not really kids anymore, are they? Your children are now college-bound with their whole lives ahead of them. High school is about to become a distant memory, replaced by dreams of the future.

For kids about to start college, their vision needs are more unique than in their younger years. That’s because pulling all-nighter study sessions, poring over books in their university library, a heavy amount of computer research, and writing papers requires high amounts of focus, concentration, reading comprehension, and of course, excellent vision.

Is your soon-to-be-college student heading off to university far from home? Bring them in to North Country Eye Care before they leave. A new doctor will be less familiar with your kids’ vision history and needs, and your kids won’t have the time to take care of their eye care once school begins.