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Scleral Lens Q&A With Dr. Richard Stegen

4 Myths about Scleral Lenses Debunked ThumbnailCan scleral lenses help me with night vision while driving?

Any contact lenses may help you with that, but scleral lenses are good for patients who have difficulty wearing regular contacts, in terms of comfort and dryness. They are also great for patients with scarred, injured, or irregular corneas.


I have dry eye syndrome. Can scleral lenses benefit me more than treatments such as eye drops, punctual plugs, etc.?

The scleral lenses can help by protecting the cornea and creating a layer of moisture between the lens and the eye. The scleral lenses can be much more comfortable for dry eye patients than regular contact lenses, as they can maintain moisture and protect the eye.


My cornea experienced complications from PRK or LASIK – can scleral lenses help me?

Certainly – if surgery has led to the cornea being irregular, overly thin, or burned- the scleral lens provides a smooth surface for the cornea which can improve your vision, sometimes substantially, in comparison to glasses or soft contact lenses.


Will scleral lenses be covered by my medical/vision plan?

If the lenses are considered medically necessary, insurance companies sometimes will cover them. We can find out for you ahead of time and will ask for authorization from the company before ordering the scleral lenses.


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