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Help Our Furry Friends and Save on Glasses

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Throughout June, North Country Eye Care will be doing its part to help dogs, cats, and rabbits being cared for by the Upper Valley Humane Society (UVHS). Whether you are a dog person, a cat person, or a rabbit person, or just someone who wants to do a good deed - we need your help! Donations of any of the following items will net you a $25 credit towards purchase of a complete pair of glasses.

Call us for more information at (603) 678-4759.

Please note - this offer expires on June 30.

Requested donations:

Gift cards to local grocers, office and building supply stores, and other retailers aretremendously helpful, allowing the UVHS to purchase what is needed for their homeless pets.

Specific needs:

55 gallon contractor garbage bags

30 gallon trash bags

Paper towels

Dish detergent



Dry dog food (any brand)

6 ft. Leashes (bolt snap)

Martingale collars


Dry cat food (any brand)



Clay litter

Crystal litter


Timothy hay

Oxbow adult rabbit food

Young adult rabbit food

Wooden toys

Carefresh bedding

Holiday Food Drive