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How do I choose good sunglasses?

There are several qualities you should look for when choosing sunglasses.


  • You should look for sunglasses that have up to UV 400 protection.
  • Polarized lenses provide greater comfort by reducing glare from surfaces such as snow, water and windshields.
  • Ophthalmic quality lenses are important to reduce eye strain and distortion when wearing sunglasses.  Inexpensive sunglasses often have lenses that are cut out of sheets of tinted material and can cause warping in the lens that your eyes perceive as distortion, often causing discomfort.
  • The color of the lens you choose will be important in enhancing the activities that you plan to use your sunglasses for.  Ask you optician for recommendations.
  • Larger sunglasses can protect the sensitive skin around our eyes from UV damage as well.
  • Mirror coatings are used for cosmetics, but also reduce the amount of light passing through the lens.  Mirrors also block out infrared light for those exposed at high altitudes.

An experienced optician will be able to guide you in making a great choice in sunglasses.  A great pair of sunglasses not only protect your vision, but make you feel and look amazing.