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neurolens banner 2The average american spends more than 8 hours a day on digital devices. This constant strain on our visual systems has caused a large portion of the population to have symptoms such as dry eye, migraines, neck and shoulder pain as well as eye strain. Some treatments consist of dry eye management and prescription eyewear.  Other patients who still struggle may be candidates for a new technology from Neurolens. This latest technology measures how well your visual system works when focusing on near activities. Many patients would benefit from contoured prism lenses that help reduce the stimulation of the Trigeminal nerve, causing migraines as well as neck and shoulder pain.  Technological advancements have allowed us to diagnose this issue and provide lenses that will help treat this misalignment.

North Country Eye Care is the first to bring this advanced technology to New England.  During your eye exam, you may have specialized testing to determine how well your eyes work together to provide clear comfortable vision.  Good vision includes comfort, clarity and a healthy visual system.  Contact our office and see how we can provide the best vision possible for you.