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Do yellow night driving glasses work?

It is important to remember that light creates vision and any lens that reduces light will cause a decrease in acuity or how well you see. Yellow blocks out blue light which gets scattered more easily causing glare, so that is why yellow lenses give the appearance of eliminating some glare.

"Yellow 'Night Driving' lenses have been shown to provide no benefit in seeing ability at night. They are even hazardous, because they give the driver a feeling of seeing better, which no one has yet been able to explain. Studies have shown that they actually impair visual performance and retard glare recovery. Many promoters have made unfounded claims for the ability of amber to improve night vision. They have employed mass solicitation, usually by mail. The Federal Trade Commission has correctly ruled that such practices are illegal since the lenses do not perform as claimed." - Forensic Aspects of Vision and Highway Safety", Merrill J. Allen, O.D., Ph.D., Et al.

"So-called night driving glasses are generally amber tinted eyewear meant to reduce the glare of oncoming headlights. While they may make the driver feel more comfortable, they also reduce the wearers visibility of the darker portions of the roadway." - Sunglass Association of America

The best options for decreasing glare on your lenses are anti-reflective coatings and digitally surfaced lenses that reduce aberrations caused by your prescription and/or lens design.