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Where do I get the best advice about filling my prescription for glasses?

It can be a challenge to find the right person to get advice for any issue and eyewear is no different.  Your Optometrist is an expert on medical eye conditions and refracting ( finding your optimal glasses prescription ), but most doctors do not get involved in how your lenses and glasses are made.  Your optician is responsible for knowledge of lens designs and how to best fill the prescription written by the doctor.  It is usually best when the doctor and optician can work together to get the best outcome for your prescription.  The doctor or owner of the optical shop is responsible in making sure they have knowledgeable opticians, however many do not understand or value the service that a knowledgeable optician has in patient care and try to offer services with non experienced and untrained opticians.  Most states do not require any licensing or competency evaluation.  This means it is harder for patients to know the skill level of the optician they are dealing with.  Some states have made this more confusing by certifying opticians with the sole requirement being a fee to be paid to the state.  It is best to find an optician that has passed a national certification test by the American Board of Opticianry (ABO).  An optician will indicate they are ABOC meaning they have passed this basic standards test of opticianry.  Opticians with greater experience and knowledge can take an advanced test and will earn the ABOC-AC designation.  A few opticians go on and earn a designation of master in ophthalmics.   Establishing a trust between you and your optician will always result in the best care.