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Vision plans

Many patients have vision plans and often wonder what is covered and how does my plan work.  At North Country Eye Care, we want to take the mystery out of these vision plans.  The first misnomer is that these plans are insurances.  Insurances are a calculated risk, the insurance company is taking a risk that you will pay more in premiums than they will pay out during the life of your policy while it is piece of mind for the policy holder that if you have an accident you will be covered.  People that are purchasing plans are doing so because they know they need glasses or contacts and not as insurance in case they need them later.  Because of that, vision plans charge the policy holders more than they pay out to your doctors office.  They do this by negotiating lower reimbursements to the doctors.  This would be fine if doctors accepted a reimbursement that let them run a sustainable business, but many Doctors are not business people and end up accepting payments that do not cover their operational cost.  To compensate for this they try to see more patients in a shorter period of time and cut back on services and products. This creates a imbalance in the quality vs cost ratio.  At North Country we believe in bringing value and service to your eye care.  For this reason we work with vision plans on a out of network basis, so we can provide the service and care you deserve without restrictions and still allow you to us your vision benefits.  Please contact the office for a consultation on how to maximize your vision plan benefits.