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Progressive lenses

Why can't I get used to my new progressive lenses?

There are several factors that can make or break your experience with progressive lenses.  The following are the most common issues with these lenses and what can be done.

The most common complaints about progressives are, blurred vision in the periphery, hard time finding the optical center and the swimming feeling looking through the lens.

There are hundreds of lens designs on the market and the better the design the wider your field of vision will be as well as a reduction in the distortion off to the edges of the lenses.

The measurements and placement of the optical center can also cause poor results no matter how good the lens design is.  Many non adapts to progressives are the results of poor measurements.  The best lens designs will not be sold to opticians that are not skilled in the art of fitting progressive lenses.

If you have not been successful with progressives in the past, it does not mean you couldn't be successful with the right design and measurements.  Ask your opticians about free form and digitally surfaced progressives for the best results.